Celestial Motion: Enneagram Notes and Comments
Joel R. Cheves
    One of the most striking qualities of light is that it is undiminishable, or further, eternal and omnipresent.! The light created in the so called "Big Bang" has not dimished. Through diffusion it reaches the circumference of our known universe. In all religions, these qualities have been recognized as divine. In fact, one could draw the conclusion that light itself is divine... that light is the manifest consiousness of an omnipotent intelligence. This has been given many names by scientists, theologians, and philosophers.
    According to real, exact knowledge, one force or two forces, can never produce a phenomenom. The presence of a third force is necessary. This triad, naturally represents such a "Trinity". Light must have a source(1)--whether or not it is perceived depends entirely on whether or not there is a receptor(2) and an observer(3). This triad is the basis for observation of this and all phenomena.
    In our particular solar system our Sun is the lens for this stellar radiation or electronic energy. It is our light source and perpetuator of life. It is diffused (and refracted) by planetary atmosphere, filtered, and reflected with various degrees of brilliance by the planets. The "texture", and "color" that brings form to ourselves and the environment are the manifestations of this energy.

The Enneagram....
True symbols are based on an understanding of the relationship of analogies between a greater cosmos (galaxies), a smaller cosmos (solar system, earth, etc.). They are thus used in an attempt to explain the laws, forms, and functions in other cosmos'.
    As such, the Enneagram is a universal symbol. All knowledge can be included in the enneagram and with its help, all knowledge can be interpreted. The enneagram is the fundamental hieroglyph of a universal language which has as many different meanings as there are levels of men.
    "The enneagram is a schematic diagram of perpertual motion. In order to understand it, it must be thought of as in motion, as moving.." ¹
This movement defines the development and unfolding of the Universe, the circulation of light, cycles of behavior and societies, musical octaves, etc., etc. This same model applies to planets: transformers, filters, and diffusers of the Sun. Civilizations, the glands of the body, cycles of regeneration, war, etc., may also be defined by this symbol.

This is illustrated in this flash animation.

    It might be informative to address the ancient representations of the various points: (It must be remembered that this table is only one facet of the cyclic nature of the Enneagram).

    Point 1 refers to the Moon ** Lunar aspect
    Point 2 refers to Mercury ** Mercurial aspect
        * Point 3 (Triad)
    Point 4 refers to Venus ** Venusian aspect
    Point 5 refers to Mars ** Martial aspect
        * Point 6 (Triad)
    Point 7 refers to Jupiter ** Jovial aspect
    Point 8 refers to Saturn ** Saturnine aspect
        * Point 9 (Triad)
    And the Central Globe: representative of the Sun ** The Solar aspect.


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    Here you will find my raytrace and References to possible roots of this symbol. "If you reflect, you will see there must always be something higher than any man, whatever his stage, if evolution is possible...."     M. Nicoll

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¹ G.I. Guirdjieff


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