Ahhh.. Mexico! - Cozumel & Akamal
Akamal 1980's:
Here we have myself (left), Annie, and "Posote", our divemaster. So named for his racoon appearance upon arrival after a winter skiing in Winter Park, CO. Picture what wearing ski googles will do for your tan after a full season!

This lovely spot on the mainland across from Cozumel features a great beach, a most excellent dive shop and scuba instruction, and cabañas to please the most discriminating! Jacques Cousteau
spent some time here, btw.

On the beach at the Cozumel El Presidente. Check out the great breakfast buffet served here in the palapa. Since all beaches must be accessible in Mexico, hotel hopping in Cozumel is a great way to see the great variety of activities and coastline on the island.
The kid hangin' with the rich and famous!
Good friends Fred and Myrna, from La Jolla CA, whom we met while on the island. One of the great rewards of travel is meeting new folks and making friendships that last long beyond a holiday.
Fred contemplating a Nasty surprize for Myrna!
Looks like Fred has a different idea about skin diving. Or perhaps he is on a different sort of fishing expedition!

Whatever it is, I'm sure that
Myrna will help him find it!

Fishing expedition!
Did I mention the great service and excellent refreshments that the beach hotels offer?

Do you like Piña Coladas?
A walk on the beach... Coco Locos?
Margaritas with Quervo Especial?
Cozumel has it all... and more!

Here is an interactive
Flash Presentation
and map of the entire Yucutan.

Pina Colada!

All photos and Art: ©   Joel R. Cheves 1975 - 99