Bonsai Kitty - Chrismas Ornament
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For centuries, people in the West have marveled at the delicate beauty produced by Oriental artists and sculptors. From gardening to tattooing to dance and martial arts, these craftsmen have enthralled us with complex forms and simplistic perfection. One of the most fascinating of the visual techniques to emerge from this highly cultured region is the Oriental art of miniature sculpture. Who has not been stricken with the expressive grace of Japanese Bonsai? Though once the sole province of Bonsai masters within Japan, Bonsai plants have been available to fortunate consumers throughout the world for some time. With this in mind, we are proud to now offer to you the animal complement of this art form; the Bonsai Kitten. A kitty without the litter in a globe!
  Notice the splendid use of the tail to form a hanger. Imagine how this will look gracing your yule tide tree. Kids love to watch em blink when they poke at them. And no mess to clean up! The ornament is its' own kitty litter box. See the link below to see how master craftsmen accomplished this.
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Obligatory Disclaimer: Bonsai Kitten - For entertainment purposes only! Not recommended for persons under the age of 18, those with an IQ below 100, the gullible, those lacking a sense of humor, and above all, those who believe in Santa Clause. (It must be noted that Santa himself got quite a chuckle out of it however).
 Further, This ad is stictly bogus. All checks and money orders will be donated to the local pet cemetary, who, btw have yet to register any complaints of abuse or unusual activities towards cats, kittens, deformed trees, LongNecks, or clueless retards who believe this to be God's Own Truth...