Howell Tribute

    "To accept any authority as final, and to dispense with the neccessity
of independent investigation, is destructive of all progress."
                . . . ( about MAN by two Chelas )


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    My entries from the POV Raytrace Contest ARCHIVES:
        #1 of the Maya Series
        Maya Series - Jaguar Dissected - My Favorite!
        Portal from the Stars
        Net Drive
        Microscope: circa 1940
        UnOfficial Ray Generator
        Countertop with Egg... Salt & Pepper Shakers
        Sundial: Sands of Time
        Sundial: Ocean of Time
        Hot Air Balloons over the Rockies
        This ain't no Disco - Danger in the sand

    My raytrace of the ENNEAGRAM: an ancient symbol

    "In order to understand the Enneagram it must be thought of as in motion, as moving.
    A motionless Enneagram is a dead symbol, the living symbol is in motion."     ( G. )
                . . . ( 'the philosophers stone of the alchemists' )

    Raytracing LINKS and Archives
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        Dan Farmer - One of the Greats! (POV-TEAM)
        Gena Obukhov - One of my favorites!
        Truman Brown - Texture Woild (POV Team]
        Robert A. Mickelsen - Texture Woild (POV team)
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