The Star and the the Cube

" Herein lies the germ of all art and all true science . . . A. Einstein"

PYTHAGORAS (circa 600 BC)
   One of the many things that was taught by Pythagoras was that the primary nature of all things is the triangle, and further, all things were divisible by the number 3. This has been referred to by some as the "Law of Three". The action of the these three forces are required for all manifestations of etheric (or psychic), physical, and human phenomena.
   The above graphic was derived from these ancient teachings. By dividing it into itself, one can see it becomes 9 triangles.
   The cube is comprised of 6 of these triangles and 7 spheres. By drawing connecting lines between the spheres, a six pointed star is formed.

   To illustrate this concept further, view this interactive 3D Virtual depiction. You will need a VRML plugin such as CosmoPlayer, and a compatible browser.

   If one studies this simple drawing, an amazing correlation may be formed between the above and the Enneagram, reintroduced in the early 20th centrury by G.I. Guirdjieff.

   These concepts will be further explored in the upgrading of this document. What I am currently encouraging is commentary re: the above symbol. Many of these replies I will publish here, if the author so desires.
   I would also appreciate any discussions and essays related to the Schools of Mystical Philosophy, ie. Hermetic, Egyptian and Pyramid, Pythagorean, Rosicrucian, etc. etc.
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