" The Line of Time is a plane of Eternity . . . "

Present day science and technology, lacking principals, is headed towards a greater degree of pointless speculation and materialism. On the other hand, religious or philosophical principles, uncoordinated with scientific knowledge can only appeal to a minority of thinking persons. Thus the impasse! Is it possible to bridge the gap between the world of everyday facts, and the world of greater, or higher laws? If so, what are these laws as they apply to humanity?
One of the aims of this project is to examine the way that modern man regards his or her external world, outside himself, and the way he regards his internal, or inner life. Is it possible to heal this contradiction and look at the Universe from the same point of view that we look at inner life?
      "It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity."
                . . . . Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

When a man has tasted life and seen what things are like, at some point he might feel dissatisfied and begin to seek for something additional. Is there something that will make him understand better, something that will remake him, and give him a direction and eventually complete him?
If you have an insight into NEW ways of thinking, obtaining objective knowledge, etc. please e-mail me. I plan to post the serious replys, so a dialog may be started. And yes, as Controversy has always been at the root of discovery, please send your suggestions and/or ideas no matter how bizzare you may consider them. Just stay objective and include relevant URL's!
For this page to be in a state of growth and/or evolution, I solicit your participation, and suggestions!

Progressive Complexity: the Unified Law of Change & Stability
Does the Universe exist for the sole and express purpose of generating Life and evolving Consciousness? Curious about Black Holes?
Discussions about the Possible Future(s) of Planet Earth are online here.

Below are my investigations into the Psychology of Humanity and some of the concepts I have found to be valid:

The first of my Notes on the Fourth Way.
The second installment of commentaries on the Fourth Way. Included are discussions of the external and Internal States of Consciousness.
The third of the series: a review of the 3 different "Centers" in Man, and negative emotions.

An outlook on human Sexuality.

Is there such as thing as Objective Astrology?

I would also like to develop an area to be devoted to those influences that have guided humanity in a positive and uplifting way. At some point, I plan on compiling a page of links that point in this direction. I am especially interested in responses from the scientific community!

The Fourth Way: A fine place to start is by delving into the Ideals of G.I. Guirdjieff.
More information is available at the Guirdjieff Home Page on G., and P.D. Ouspensky.

The System: This constantly evolving treatise is perhaps the most in-depth and comprehensive writing on the 4th Way available via the WWW.

From another angle, Interesting ideas here:
THE WISDOM SCHOOL: Understanding Wisdom & the Wheel

Encouraged, and solicited also are discussions and essays of the Schools of Mystical Philosophy, ie. Hermetic, Egyptian and Pyramid, Pythagorean, Rosicrucian, etc. etc.
In other words, "All and Everything" related to the dissemination of Higher Truth and Knowledge on the Planet.



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