Ahhh.. Mexico! - Cozumel Fiesta
Here is a view of the bullfight from our "ringside" seats during the Mayo Festival in Cozumel. Local Ranchers convene in the jungle, build and/or repair the bullring, bring comidas, cervesas and tequila for this great Fiesta! Bullfight in Cozumel
Yes, one of these fine matadors is a senorita! The blood, torture, and death of el Toro didn't phase this gal one little bit. In fact, I noticed she particularly enjoyed dining on the bar-b-que the bovines provided for the fiesta that evening.
And, BTW, sorry gals, years of preparation are a prerequisite for landing this job!
Mom and Pop equal opportunity!
This is another view of the bullring. Amazing what can be done with available materials. True it shook a bit when the bull smacked it headon, but it withstood the onslaught and remained intact! Bullring
This Spring Fiesta is muy popular with native Cozumeleños; quite similar to a county fair. With the added attraction of a real Bullfight. Rancheros also display their prize livestock and local vendors supply the crowds with excellent produce, snacks, and refreshments. Bullfight on Cozumel!
Ah, Toro!
The end draws near!
Hemmingway would have loved this authentic stage on which the Matador plays!
Toro, Toro!

All photos and Art: Joel R. Cheves 1975 - 99