Ahhh.. Mexico!
Beautiful little beach at Zihuatanejo called Las Gatas and little known to the average tourist. Built by a Ruler for his daughter and named for the Jaguar's that reside in the surrounding jungle. For protection he surrounded it with a corral of logs and had rocks dumped at the entrance as a barrier for sharks. Las Gatas - Zia!
And this little fellow is a distant relative of the cats for which this beach was named. Baby Ocelots are very rare. One of the locals captured this fiesty little one,
and brought it to the beach
for all to look - but not touch!

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Interactive Map of the
Yuccutan Riviera

Baby Jaguar!
Everywhere in Mexico
one sees exotic birds.
This little Parrot is a butter junkie! In fact he ate anything available, including a silver bic lighter case. A pet of one of Cozumel's fine restaurants.


In a Cozumel Cafe!
Yep folks, this is the real thing! Bull ring built with
available jungle materials!
This Spring Fiesta is muy popular with native Cozumeleños - quite similar to a county fair. With the added attraction of a real Bullfight. El Toro's sacrifice provided an
exqusite Bar-B-Que feast for all !

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Bullfight on Cozumel!
What life is all about!
On the eastern side of Cozumel there are secluded little beaches where one may escape the shackles of public opinion and let the sun, sea, and sand
perform its' magic! More
Privacy on the Windward side!

All photos and Art: Joel R. Cheves 1975 - 99