OSSIFERS 1964 
in absentia Bro. Saint (Satchel) 
Bros. Report, Bar, Oris, & Neeger 

      Bros. Rebel & Globe

Bro. Whiz NoZe               
Pope ImPious 96th of 3.2: Bored of Graft 
MVP, FBU & KoKoKeeper of Holy 
Image of Bro. Long NoZe Shoaf 

        Bros. Rabbit & Flash

Oye ye, Oye ye!   Exceedingly rare Assembly of the Fair at
Holy Temple #2: East Waco Diocese.

   E pistle from the The Great Potentate Reprobate, Bro. Whiz NoZe: Pope ImPious the 96th of 3.2:  Bored of Graft,  MVP,  FBU,  & Martyr of the Infamous Purge of AD 1965.
   Harken, All initates, reprobates, and advocates of the Faithful located in the muck and mire of the Bonnie Banks: dba & aka Jerusalem on the Brazos, East Waco Diocese of The Most Immaculate and Supreme, Noble and Serene NoZe Brotherhood.

HearYe: By their Nozes shall ye know them....

   This being 69 trimesters since the minor ChamberPot Uprisings, this Keeper of the Faith after having been offended, suspended, and defended (Satchel on Bro. MasterNoZe Bates, KoKeeper of the Bar) for Krimes of the Pink and Blue kind. Your Martyred tartar has been been on the trail without fail & mucho ale to find the whereabouts of the Holy Grail. Ever diligent, no glint, scent, or hint of the Hallowed Archives has emerged since the Great Purge of 65. (Gobble the fairy queen and obscene Dean)
   Forthwith, and with all haste, the chaste must chase and lay to waste any breed who indeed impede deeds to locate the Holy Law and Creed of the Brotherhood. The Spirit of Bro. Long Noze Shoaf shall not rest lest the blessed fullfil this Noble Quest.

   After much meditation, contemplation, and dedication, there remains but one Truth: The devout shall shout through the snout, "NoBody Knoz what the NoZe Knoz, Speak Beak"
       Mini Mini Techni Upharsis
Thus ends this KeKoGram from the Pope Artisan:
ImPious the 96th of 3.2.

Archives and 60's Kronicles of the Noble NoZe.
Ever vigilent, Ale ner'r spent, the Omnipotent
are without fail on the scent of the Holy Grail.

The Great Flush-Out
Bro. Board NoZe: Best Kept Secret.

HomeGoing 1962 " is for horses, & water is for flowing under bridges". Flowers to Beautify, CircleK outcry, The High Dean spy patronized & pacified.

HomeGoing 1963 "..le toilet punchbowl: baby ruths for infidels & les incompetant". The year of the great Aggie boot pursuit, & dispute

HomeGoing 1964
"..oh give me a home, coming with foam, ...."
The prism of the Schism: criticism, egotism, & barbarism. The great Bridge caper results in
FBU Purge of Jew & Whiz.
Gobble and Double Gobble!

wHoLy IcOn


Gobble! The Righteous Pages of the Anals of the Brotherhood
have been Purged from the Kollege of Knowlege.

Tune Out, Turn Off, Drop In.
Never Fear: the Diligent ever Vigilent are Here.

"The Linquist Wrote
The Monthly Rope
and Smote the Dopes
with Kampus Jokes."