Knightly News!
Harken, Knights!
Hear ye,
Hear ye,
A Glorious Event Occurred At
VanPool Gymnasium Honoring
Our Gridiron State Championship

Old friends recall past memories and
share anecdotes. See Videos below...
Drawing:   Rex Kennard
Howdy           The Search Is Ongoing!
Here is a list of those classmates that have outdated or non existant email addresses. Returned after my recent Holiday e-Card:
Gerry Baker Little
Steve Strong
Moya Sealy Cazares-Sealy
Jo Volz Bowman
Ernest (Ernie) Wilson
June Ann Freeman
Judy Tranter Lawson
Stephen Don Jolliff
Clifford Robertson
Linda Everett Finley
Beth Koeppel Plant
Patte Jackman Goff
We are diligently looking to find Knights to inform them about upgoming events! Out of approximately 215 e-mail addresses, only a few are not current! Your help is greatly appreciated. If you know of any changes to a classmates' information please let us know.  Newsletters will advise you with the latest information. And please visit the NWC website to check on your data and help us find any Lost Knights.   Contact info is also on all pages.
Thanks and Kudos for everyone involved in making this a most successful effort. I need not mention names, you know who you are! And most of all, thanks to the Class of 1960. Because of your input, we have contact information on almost all of the class!
Reunion 2015!

Please EMail Me if you find any missing photos or bad links.
  The Gnu Deep Foggy River, Smokey Mountain, Quiet Valley, Kingston Turnpike, Hill & Dale Boys ➤➤
Kip Kirkhuff and Johnny Rose (Roll over or tap for larger image)
Click here for their performance at the Tri-State Teachers Conference
  Past reunion pictures taken by Karen Heitman Sorenson!
  Here are reunion pictures taken by Karen Heitman. (2005)
  Pics by Buck Savage and his grandson, Blaine. (2005) New: 2010!
  Picnic Photos at Sportsman's. (2005)
  Beth Koeppel Plants' Pics. (2005)
  New! The way we were in 1960! Do you Remember those days.. ?
  Click for a photo of the State Championship Football Team!
  Over 150 PHOTOS of the 2000 Reunion
  Great photographs taken by Buck Savage! (2000) And More Here!
  More photographs taken at the 2000 Reunion Picnic!
  Here are pics from some of the gatherings at the Varsity! (2002)
  Here are some Pics of the Aug 08 and Christmas 07 gatherings
Periodically I publish a newsletter with info about class happenings and get togethers. This arrives in an html format and has a header of NWC Class of '60 Newsletter. If you are not receiving these and wish to be placed on the list
Click here.     Also, some of the addresses I have are bouncing back, so please let me know so I can update the alumni pages, and send the newsletter your way....

Before you venture out of your Castle,
here are some things you need to know!
CLICK for the dedication of the Coach Don VanPool Gymnasium

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